Marital Investigation

Marital Investigation

Marriage is the undying relation of life, but the odds of betrayal and deceit kills this beautiful bond. It is not like some friendship or other casual kin that never involves commitment or actuality. Marriage is all about sharing you, your notions, faiths, with your spouse, all in all the roots of marriage are based on true understanding and on the big and vital word, Trust. But at this instant, people are getting married and separating within few days,due to the partial knowledge of past and revelation of those, in present. Thus, the phenomenon of Marital Investigation is the veracious tool to extract the entire and accurate details about the one whom youwant to marry or someone with whom you are already married.

Marital Investigation is undeniably valuable in India, owing to the concept of arrange marriages, wherein people get married to someone unknown without digging out much about the family of the girl or boy.Punjab Detective is the one source across India, on whom you can trust blindly and can extract true information about the second party.

Furthermore, if you are already married and sceptic about your spouse, then the marital investigation team of Punjab Detective is the seamless source to unearth the truth. We are the team of well experienced Private detective who are deployed with up to date gizmos.

Marital Investigation is the part of personal investigation that lends hand in personal investigation of spouse, fiancées or family background. We are well aware about the fact thatmatter of marital investigationis sensitive and that is why the investigators at Punjab Detectiveundertake the entire investigation with utmost care and a complete privacy. We have unbounded network all over India, the process of marital investigationis done around Indian subcontinent as well as at global level.

We have categorised marital investigation into two kinds, i.e. the Pre-marital Investigation and Post-marital Investigation.

Pre-marital Investigation

Pre-marital Investigation is the advantageous tool in India, it benefitsyou in knowing the essential facts before marriage, thereby eliminating the odds of divorce. In the services of pre-marital investigation, we carry out the profound investigation of the family and individual concerned. This service is worthwhile for having matrimonial verifications such as his/her Character, social reputation, employment/business, education background, fidelity, Social background and Financial Statusas well as reputation of the family.The team of personal investigators at Punjab Detective will dig up the truth and put forth a real picture about the past and present of the concerned individual. We promise you the apt, accurate and ethical marital investigation. Once the scrutiny is done, you can incautiously step aheadfor the marriage proposal.

Post-marital Investigation

Post-marital investigation is the solution that frees you from consistent qualms arisen every time you face your spouse. If you are facing tensions in your married life and suspicious of extra marital relationship of yourpartner, then we lend you hand in discovering the truth behind. Punjab detective is the best source of marital investigation who bears the responsibility of going to the depth and bringing out the real actualities plus evidences. Besides keen investigation, we can co-ordinate with your legal representative in order to get you liberated from fake bond.

Our National & International Network

We have network of specialized and skilled detectives & private investigators in the fellowing cities, states and Countries also except India respectively.

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